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What a beautifully strange and wonderful week.
It came through to me this morning that expansion doesn’t always mean more, more, more. Expansion is also allowing the depth of your soul to open up so you can become deeply rooted in your own purpose. That type of expansion is grounding, that type of expansion feels different. I don’t full understand it, but I recognize the shift in my own consciousness, and feel the change in energy from welcoming it in.
I’ve had such blissful week of planning and connection. An overwhelming sense of peace has come over me and I can feel it in my root. I’m grateful and completely here for it.
I’m going to sit with everything and unplug a bit this weekend. Dance in the sunshine, and plant my feet upon the Earth. For so long, I kept trying to make it to where I am now…I’m going to stop and savor it for a bit.
Wishing you rest and reflection.

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