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The 9/9 Portal

Hello Beloveds,


We have a powerful few weeks ahead of us as we continue to move towards the Autumn Equinox. Today is the 9th day of the 9th month. It’s the 9/9 portal today and it’s bringing with it some amazing energies. This portal will stay open for the next 9 days. We can expect some massive shifts today, as this portal has opened. We are talking about a literal Stargate into different dimensions. These Divine cosmic energies can really help bring us into better alignment. These waves of energy are full of light codes that are triggering your DNA to activate to your highest purpose. Today is a massive day for activating the magic in which you already carry, spend sometime unplugged in the sun today.


These ascension energies and the inner work that we are doing will allow us to further activate higher vibrations and frequencies. 9 also is the numerology of the completion of a cycle. This really is a new beginning and it’s time to release what no longer serves, and a burning release ritual in tomorrow’s Pisces full moon is ideal. We are shedding our past stories, baggage, and cutting the cords for that which is not free.


We also have Mercury entering retrograde tonight. Since this Mercury retrograde begins in Libra, don’t be surprised if your closest bonds — including romantic relationships, business partnerships, and even your existing contracts — go through shifts over the next few weeks. Exes may come out of the woodwork (this is a common occurrence during every Mercury retrograde, but still). Resist the temptation to respond. Expect to spend the end of the month focusing on rebuilding whatever has been challenged during this retrograde cycle once Mercury shifts into Virgo on September 23.


There are a lot of timelines colliding right now. If past situations or people are coming up it’s to bring you some further healing or need a new perspective. Remember you have come too far to be looking back or give up now. In many ways this combination of energy has been completely dismantling the old. We have an abundance of changes occurring within the grids of the Earth. The old is continuing to shift into the new. These planetary alignments have had a huge influence on the collective. The energies are continuing to rise as we approach the Autumn Equinox.


We have three months left of 2022 and we can expect a massive amount of energy to come with it. The Equinox will help us all come back into balance. It’s very important that you are staying grounded in the midst all of this energy. Really listen to your body during this time, movement of any type–especially dance and yoga are ideal to keep your energetic current flowing. Dive deep or begin a self-care practice; including skincare. Meditate, give yourself extra time, spend time outside off devices, eat well and drink extra water. Be gentle more than anything. Treat yourself like someone you love. Don’t give into overthinking as we are about half way done with Virgo Season. Trust the Universe, and remember you a Divine being. We are now manifesting the rest of the year. Choose wisely and move with intention.


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Acknowledge your Shadow

The past two days for me have been super intense. I’ve cried more in the past 48 hours than I have all year. However, I’ve needed it. I am grateful. Honestly, I am. I welcome the release. I need the weight of it lifted.

It’s taken 41 years for me to allow my Shadow Self to have devotion and relevance to honor her fully and let her all the way out sometimes. She’s here, and she’s pissed.

The area we are in is simply no longer energetically sustainable, not for our hearts, not for our mental health, not for spiritual growth…not for anything. While my 5D expands inward my 3D is stagnant and frustrating. My Shadow has been trying to tell me that for months while I keep trying to make peace with my circumstances, so She eventually screamed it.

Ironically, I hadn’t discussed this in ages with my husband. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful. Apparently all my Shadow needed was to bask in his Shadow because he feels the same way. A quiet man articulated the pain I couldn’t find the words for as I realized he too carried it. We made a horrible mistake moving to WA. Both of us looked at the other in shame and found a glimmer of hope as we realized our pain wasn’t solitary. I stood there andd suddenly realized I’m forming a spiritual connection with soul that doesn’t acknowledge his spirituality. So there’s still expansion even in the darkness.

We long for home, we miss comfort, warmth, sweetness, ease, and space…room to breathe. What we long for doesn’t exist where we are, and there is just no way to create an entirely culture that fits. We feel locked in a totally futile pattern surrounded by absolute apathy.

Our Shadow sides needed to be seen and heard and not just held individually but held by each other.

Pray for me and my family as we manifest a way back home to NC. All while we hold space for 10 months of Kindergarten here and what’s best for our child yet not absolutely breaking on the inside of ourselves. It seems the Universe wants to keep us here for awhile and we don’t understand or want that but are diligently trying to hang on, gracefully.

I post things like this so you don’t just get my highlight reel. There are very few authentic and unfiltered people left in this world and I long to be one. I love and am loved by many an authentic soul in this space. Most of the time, emotionally, I am up or at least even and balanced and I care enough about myself and you to show you when I am not.

Sending so much love and humbly asking for it back

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What a beautifully strange and wonderful week.
It came through to me this morning that expansion doesn’t always mean more, more, more. Expansion is also allowing the depth of your soul to open up so you can become deeply rooted in your own purpose. That type of expansion is grounding, that type of expansion feels different. I don’t full understand it, but I recognize the shift in my own consciousness, and feel the change in energy from welcoming it in.
I’ve had such blissful week of planning and connection. An overwhelming sense of peace has come over me and I can feel it in my root. I’m grateful and completely here for it.
I’m going to sit with everything and unplug a bit this weekend. Dance in the sunshine, and plant my feet upon the Earth. For so long, I kept trying to make it to where I am now…I’m going to stop and savor it for a bit.
Wishing you rest and reflection.