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What a beautifully strange and wonderful week.
It came through to me this morning that expansion doesn’t always mean more, more, more. Expansion is also allowing the depth of your soul to open up so you can become deeply rooted in your own purpose. That type of expansion is grounding, that type of expansion feels different. I don’t full understand it, but I recognize the shift in my own consciousness, and feel the change in energy from welcoming it in.
I’ve had such blissful week of planning and connection. An overwhelming sense of peace has come over me and I can feel it in my root. I’m grateful and completely here for it.
I’m going to sit with everything and unplug a bit this weekend. Dance in the sunshine, and plant my feet upon the Earth. For so long, I kept trying to make it to where I am now…I’m going to stop and savor it for a bit.
Wishing you rest and reflection.
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New Moon in Leo

I’m feeling clear and balanced as I head into the New Moon in Leo tomorrow.

I started my own moon today so I’ve had lots of rest and relaxation in the sun.

Tonight is an excellent night to release everything before tomorrow’s new moon. I also do a few extra things to call in the New Moon.


First off, I do not personally do any manifestation work until the moon has moved into phase and is technically waxing again. (10:55am PST Thursday). I always rest and reflect on the days leading up the the New Moon. I take things slow and easy. They are my declutter and release days. The 14th night when the sky is the darkest is today. I’ll sit with Shiva energy tonight and will both chant and sleep to OM NAMAH SHIVAYA tonight (


Tomorrow, I’ll wake up before sunrise, dry brush my body and have a long cool bath. My New Moon essential oils of choice are Vetiver, Lavender, Lemon and Sandalwood. I’ll also add salt to the water and I’ll wet but not wash my hair so I can immerse my crown chakra. I also use the same essential oils mixed in with grapeseed oil and nourish my skin with an oil treatment that I allow time to fully soak in.


On the New Moon, I fast from Sunrise that morning to Sunrise of the next day. I find this gives me added clarity to focus for the new month. I only do water or water with a bit of lemon. I’ve gotten used to it now but when I first started I would have a small bit of rice in the evening.


Shortly after the moon goes into phase, I write down everything that I desire for the new month in a special journal; I literally only use it for manifestation. I also go through entries of the last month and note everything that was answered or if I decided to release a desire for that “ask” from the previous month. I also use the words DESIRE or MANIFEST instead of want. Want traditionally denoted lack, it is defined as “To be short of or lack,” and I do not honor that energy– I have all but wiped it from my vocabulary. DESIRE and MANIFEST feel much more powerful to my own soul. I write my desires down with green, red or gold ink. I write slowly and intentionally.


On New Moon night, I sit in meditation specifically to Kali. I listen to her Mantra ( ) and offer prayers of devotion to her and offer fresh fruit and red flowers and hibiscus tea. This is my own Kali Puja I have created to honor her.


Before bed, I’ll do a hot oil treatment on my hair and let it sit overnight. I go to bed early and rest a little extra since I am on my own moon cycle and honor that within my body and womb.


I thought it would be neat to share. I do much more for the New Moon than the Full Moon and I hope you find something here that may deepen your connection as well.