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Let Devotion Carry You

Devotion will carry you farther than discipline ever will.

Devotion is something you get to do, you choose to do, you enjoy doing. 

Devotion is seeing life as an exquisite privilege.

You can find joy in the most mundane of tasks if you CHOOSE to. 

Discipline, for me, requires me to stay on task for something I am forcing.

Devotion is the heart, discipline is the mind telling the heart what it needs to do.

All of last year, I kept a rigid meditation schedule. I can count the number of times I slept past 5:00am last year on one hand. I turned my practice into something I HAD to do. I would feel like crap if I didn’t have time to keep my rigid routine, and I completely lacked compassion towards myself if I missed my routine. 

Life happens! Kids get sick, you’re tired, energy fluctuates. Your frequency changes. I’m not a Sage in a cave. I’m a Mama, Wifey and Entrepreneur. Everyday is different. Hard plans don’t work for me.

Yesterday, I was up at 4:19am and spent all morning in meditation, made fresh juice, had all my supplements and vitamins and took a walk before anyone in my house was awake. Today, I spent the morning with my husband and rolled out of bed around 8am and ate a chocolate truffle while I made toast. 

BOTH were good mornings. BOTH nourished my soul. 

It’s not this OR that. 

It’s this AND that! 

You are literally Divine, everything you do is Divine. You are Divine right now this minute. You don’t have to do anything to be Divine. 

I’m releasing the “have to’s” of everything and simply just embracing life. I live for today. I can meditate at 5am or 5pm. I can feed my body healthily with love and still enjoy food. You can embody a high frequency and still find magic in being human. We worry so much about fixing things or not effing up things that we forget to enjoy things. Life is more than meeting goals and milestones and taking the next course. You can hear your own soul when you cut that noise down a bit. 

When you release that need for control, what’s meant for you comes to you. Joy is the greatest power to attract everything and anything you want. You can can just choose it. It’s so profoundly simple.

Devote yourself everyday and allow that devotion to be what you need that day and that moment. The flow that devotion creates will take you farther than discipline ever will. 

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Compassion is better than Consistency

I have heard “Consistency is key”, sooooo many times over the past year. Anything and everything you could ever want is on the other side of consistency. Consistency for more money, weight loss, manifestation, etc.

You know what, I am sure it is. For me though, I am striving for compassion not consistency. Consistency for me needs to be built on compassion, especially self-compassion.

Right now, I can’t hold consistency. I can hold intention, but constant consistency and planned productivity…I simply don’t have the space. I have my daughter full time as of next week, I’m going through some big medical stuff, I am not sleeping well, and for a good long while I’ve been dismissing these very real reasons as excuses. Using unkindness and an ego-based push to stretch myself beyond the boundaries of what I can actually hold. Push, break, reset, push, break, reset over and over until I can’t breathe and feel completely disconnected from everyone including my own soul.

You know what…Eff that. I’m so over it.

I’m done. I rested in May, and I am only holding what I can from now on. That’s ok, because I am releasing my worth being unjustly intertwined with my bank account balance. I am not chasing 10k months and 5k weeks, I’m just tryin’ drink my water, sleep through the night and entertain my kid. I’ve got clients, and the clients I have, I really like. I look forward to speaking to and working with them. I am chasing ease and giving myself space to breathe spiritually and physically. I’m taking the all noise and marketing BS and setting it on fire, and finding my own way at my own pace. I’m only putting out content when my heart feels it and sharing it just for the sake of sharing. No big 1:1 offers, just wee bitty things here and there. Y’all know where to find me if you need me. Trusting the universe to work out the details is my only “plan” right now.

What am I working on is…ME. Acceptance, joy, trust and trying to be a little better than I was yesterday all while still loving who I was yesterday.

Just a loving reminder that you’re alright just the way you are and a slow roll still counts.

Your Auntie Aurelia